Friday, 20 January 2017

A slow to fruit, gentle summer (January working bee)

At another productive Albert Street working bee, Ian meets Mara while ridding the apple trees of wooly aphids.

Mara and Nick offload Mara's gift of horse manure.

Woody catches up with Alison, weeding the front perennial patch.

After pulling out the old broadbean shoots, Koen and Ruby address the errant grape vine.

Kirsten and Zero work in the seedling patch.

Sylvain thins the down-the-back bed while Nick attends to the materials for the compost.

Earlier in the week mysterious cockerels turned up in the garden (we think painted by Cat).

Woody heads towards the compost, an adventure unto itself.

Tim and Sylvain weed, thin and manure the down-the-back bed.

Zeph and Woody play rumble between spurts of helpful production.

Ruby, Ivan, Fiona and Rose clean up the east facing wall ready to replant.

Others who came to the working bee (but were not captured in a pic) include: Fe, Luna, Fab, Tom, Patrick and Ashar. We need a working bee photographer! Get in touch if that role interests you.

23 community participants contributed to this month's working bee. Thank you to all who help keep the gifts flowing in the community. See you next bee on Saturday February 11.

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