Monday, 11 April 2016

April working bee: a time for the autumn rains, seeds to save, bush foods to be planted

Ruby, Meg, Arden, Tia and Jeremy get to work 
The jobs list for the day as written up by Patrick

Greg, the friendly cycle tourer from Tasmania,  joins the bee with a tin whistle

Tim pulls out the brassicas 

Ruby makes room for new plantings

Juanita, Arden and Tia get to know one another  

Meg and Woody harvest purple Congo potatoes (great for gnocchi)

Lorne and Tim cut up the green matter for the compost

Taswegian cycle tourers Dorothy and Greg lend a hand in the garden before riding off to Maldon

Jasper holds the bag open for Patrick harvesting celery seeds, talking with Jeremy

More seed saving action

Arden and Woody munch down on new season apples

Alison and Pete share a moment

The local bush foods garden that was planted on the previous Thursday for the Land Cultures event (link coming)

One of the info plaques Patrick made for the bush foods garden