Monday, 13 April 2015

April's autumn sunshower of community gardeners

Plenty of willing workers hoed into garden maintenance in gleaming autumn sunshine at this month's Albert Street working bee... edging, weeding, compost-spreading-tossing-tidying, wormfarm tending, bed clearing, seed planting and gathering, some modest harvesting – and lots of exchanges: greetings, news, questions, concerns, answers, queries, advice, opinions, observations, tips, reflections, laughter, stories, smiles… the perpetual weaving of community fabric.

Gardners and visitors included: Dave, Lindy with Alice, Tia & Jeremy with Jasper & Arden, Pete J, Elizabeth & Anitra (visiting from Campbells Creek… about to set up a community garden there), Clay, Nadika, Jacinta & Cam, Anshar with Sage, Wren & Nia, Alison, Kirsten with Alice, Tracy, Maureen & Stephen, Ian…

NB: A call-out for mulch straw for the next bee! Most welcome if anyone has some to spare....
also autumn leaves can be dropped off at the garden...

Meanwhile, the morning's work and chat in pictures:

Dave, Pete, Cam, Lindy

Anitra, Lindy, Elizabeth, Dave
Cam, Jacinta
Tia, Arden
Sage, Anshar, Jacinta
Jeremy, Cam

Elizabeth & Anitra from Campbells Creek
Tia, Anshar, Jeremy
Tracy, Pete, Lindy
Alison, Lindy, Alice

Arden, Jasper, Wren, Sage... considering their next move

Tracy, Pete, Alison, Jacinta, Lindy
Tracy, Alison, Lily, Kirsten

Jacinta, Stephen, Maureen
Cherry tomatoes courtesy of Tracy, & the makings of a conga line!
Anshar & Sage (again)... double the hands, halve the work!
 (in all probability coming to a poster near you, sometime in the n-t-d future!)