Monday, 16 March 2015

Our March gathering

Our March gardeners and visitors: Tony, Patrick & Meg with Woody, Ian, Tia & Jeremy with Jasper & Arden, Salvatore with Coco & Ravi, Fe with Luna & Fab, Dora, Maz, Peter J, Ruby & Alison.

A conscientious morning's work unfolded in sparkling March sunshine… general maintenance was the order of the day, with mowing and edging, compost turning and distributing, some weeding, some top dressing and seed scattering, some harvesting, some swapping, some watering, and of course lots of play, and catching up. The Albert St (library) garden has a real presence, an established physicality now, and is building to another depth… the stony, compacted, dry rubble and first hay-bale-bordered beds of the early days are hard to recall when standing amidst the rich, lush, many-layered garden of today… a random selection of pics from the morning:

Coco – Fe (with hidden Fab) & Luna – Tia  – Jeremy – Meg – Maz – Zero – Woody
Tony & Patrick set another compost
Tony – Maz – Patrick plant parsnips
Arden & Tia weeding
Jasper – Coco – Ravi – Arden playing
Salvo – Dora – Tia – Ruby – Alison
Woody & Luna
Patrick – Ravi – Zero –  Fe (Fab is over the back there!) – Coco – Luna – Arden – Tia – Meg

Salvo & Tony
Dora with bounty
a closer look!
a hidden pumpkin
this captured pumpkin is almost too heavy for Jasper
(we'll need another poster to hold it up!)
Ravi hiding
Ravi found!
...mystery melon of the month
Maz – Salvo & Ravi – Peter J – Patrick
This makes everything possible!

Saturday, 7 March 2015


L-R: Andrew, Lindy, Alice, Dora, Ginger, Diana, Violet, Tim, Patrick, Zero, Maia and Lena took part in a working Bee at the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre on Thursday 5 March. We weeded, raked, mulched, swept, planted, watered and exchanged notes on gardening for a few hours in the afternoon. 

Thanks for the peg Meg!
Thanks once more to DNC who auspice DCFG and enable us to operate by covering our insurance and generally supporting our development. In return DCFG holds semi-regular working bees to keep the centre looking good, fresh and filled with herbs, fruits and other delights. We are always looking for gardeners to garden at DNC, so if you love what this neighbourhood centre does for the community and you wish to keep it pumping with food and beauty for yourself and others, then take ownership of it... Call Patrick on 0418 523 308 to find out just how easy it is to become a steward of this garden.