Friday, 18 September 2015

September Albert Street bee

September gardeners: Fiona R, Shelley with James & Skyla, Lindy with Alice, Ginger & Violet, Tim, Lena, Dora, Christina, Fiona P with Luna & Fab, Cameron, Ian...

A group of dedicated gardeners (known & new faces, young & old souls) spent the morning on hands & knees combing through swathes of prolific plants, thinning & weeding (& chatting), the pickings being collected & added to the open compost bays down the back.

Your documenter spent the morning down amongst the foliage, & took just one photo as we were finishing up... for the historical record. (Apologies to those who had left by then... we'll catch you at future bees!)

Community gardeners : 12 September 2015 : Albert Street Daylesford