Tuesday, 22 January 2019

New Years planting day at Daylesford's Community Park

On January 12 we shared tools,


and various kinds of labour. You see, we were given a wad of money from Spa Country Events for our participation in the 2018 Daylesford NYE Parade.

We came up with a moving food forest as our float. You can see our shenanigans here. The idea was that our temporary float would be converted into a permanent benefit for the community. The community park garden needed some lovin', so we decided this would be the garden we renewed with the plants. First we had to scratch out many weeds and dead head the perennials.

We also had to be there to receive another big gift from local arborist, Scott Little. Thanks for the mature mulch Scott!

Now with our materials on site it was time to start loosening the terra,

to bed down the gifted plants.

We know from experience that many hands make light work,

and many skyward thumbs popped up over the few hours we gathered for yet another community permablitz.

It was a songful time of peasant labours,

peasant labours reclaimed in a casual sunglasses kinda era,

A hot morning meant broad hats accompanied ever broadening feelings,

and we kept cool with the spray of the hose,

before mulch time to trap in all that moistness. With a wheelbarrow train we moved three cubic metres in no time.

We worked from morning till lunch to finish the job, then posed for this photo:

Thanks (from left) Django, Maya, Sian, Woody, Julian, Meg, Nick, Leah, Patrick, Kirsten, John, Brenna, Jeremy, Josh, Nick, Lyra and Michelle (all pictured), and Scott (who gifted and delivered the well composted mulch) and Pete, who had to leave early.

Monday, 10 December 2018

2018 'Thank You' Bee

Thank you to the broad beans that fed our bellies and enriched our soils with nitrogen.

Thank you trees that so generously shared their gifts.

Thank you friends from near and far who volunteered their time and intentions.

Thank you to the flowers and countless pollinators.

Thank you to the people who donated seedlings for prosperity and sovereignty.

Thank you to those who came and cheered us from the sidelines.

Thank you sharp minds, sharp tools.

Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm.

Thank you for sharing your cabbage stems.

Thank you to our bodies that laboured our love.

Thank you to our love that laboured our bodies.

Thank you Mother Earth for receiving, enabling and sharing. We honour your food and seasonality and literally owe our lives to your gifts. We love you.

* * *

Happy solstice season one and all!

The community gardeners are once again going to participate in this year's Daylesford NYE parade. If you'd like to join us, please stay tuned for more deets.

Here's us at last year's event:

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

November bee: a floral affair

A working bee usually starts off nice and slow.

A chat,

a smile or two,

before the labour begins.

The labour of reclaiming,

of celebrating,

of sharing,

of togetherness

of quenching,

of replenishing,

of being,

of building,

of enacting,

of planting,

of becoming,

of thanking the mother for her providing.

And thank you once again to Mara Ripani for taking these lovely photos and for sharing your surplus tomato seedlings with us. Thank you Anna and Ben and Artist as Family for your seedlings too!

See you all at the next bee! December 8th from 9am - 12pm at the garden beside the library.

We are also planning to be in the NYE parade again this year so start your op-shop raiding for colour-filled costumes.