Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Biodiversity-biointensity: New Year's Eve Parade 2017

For we community gardeners this year's theme for the Daylesford New Year's Eve Parade was Biodiversity-Biointensity, so we got to work, made signs,

found treasures at the Daylesford Community Opshop,

got dressed and ate together,

made last minute costume adjustments,

took some group pics,

then walked the short 1km up to the parade.

We banged, drummed, and crashed our way up,

practising staying close together.

We were joined by more goodly crew,

and took more happy snaps,

only to become this entire mob of radical earth lovers.

Then we set off

Photo by Nicholas Hansen

with much ado. Busy bees and whistles and screams from the many worlds of life we were carrying, performing and representing.

Photo by Nicholas Hansen

Clanging and clapping, chanting and drumming,

Photo by Nicholas Hansen

dancing and jumping,

Photo by Nicholas Hansen

swinging and signing down the main drag of Daylesford, Vincent Street.

Photo by Karen Brothers

We were composting bankers,

Photo by Karen Brothers

bugs, peas and moths,

Photo by Karen Brothers

we were pathogens, disease and biological pest controls,

Photo by Karen Brothers

and flower queens,

Photo by Karen Brothers

worms and caterpillars and many more fertile things besides.

Photo by Karen Brothers

Thank you to all who joined us for this year's parade. We were awarded runner-up for Best Decorated Float and received $100 for our troubles. This money will go into our account at Wombat Hill Nursery to help keep us in the black.

See you all at the January working bee on Sat 13th. Oh, and if you're passing by the garden and you have a spare 15 mins please give it a soak. The hose is around the back of the library building.

We hope you have a great year in 2018!