Saturday, 5 January 2013

Gardeners at the NYE parade

Perfect weather brought out forty or so gardeners with our wheelbarrows, bikes, scooters, pitchforks, horns, bells and kazoos for this year's Daylesford NYE Parade. We were dressed by the Daylesford Community Op Shop or our own creative frugality.

Tia and Jeremy won a prize for their fantastic costumes (especially the carved watermelon helmet with DCFG initials – Gold!)

Peter O'Mara painted us a beautiful banner which we showed off with great pride. Thanks Pete!

Larch Trumpetvine and Nick Sara went tandem as alligators. Every garden needs two.

Scarecrow Kate Gerritsen, Lindy Churches and a cohort of garden nymphs led us down the main drag.

Children danced or lay in a moveable manger while gumbooted Meg and Sarah stomped the beat.

Sharonne's horn and Patrick's straw dance sprayed the crowd.

And community gardener Ian Robertson spent the night busily photographing us. Thanks Ian!