Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Bridport Street Daylesford Bus Stop Precinct Upgrade

Mid 2013 a small group of gardeners initiated the Daylesford Bus Stop Precinct Upgrade. The long-term plan is to make the stop and it's immediate surrounds more reflective of Daylesford; welcoming to those visitors who arrive here, as well as being a more comfortable space for the locals who regularly wait for transport at the shelter.

We think that the swimming pool retaining wall could host some hardy, drought resistant plants such as succulents, geraniums, herbs etc. Time will tell how these would survive a hot summer... but we are hoping they would help soften the aspect of the shelter and the immediate surrounds, and in some way reflect the artistic life that is such a wonderful facet of living in Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. In time in it would be good to initiate some ‘verge’ gardening with a variety of plants on the nature strips either side of the shelter, and perhaps a tree or two in the pavement area.

To be involved or contribute thoughts & suggestions, please come and see us. We are on site every second Tuesday around 2pm. During the warm months of summer someone will often be there every couple of days early in the morning or in the evening.

You can also come along to our Daylesford Community Food Garden working bees on the 2nd Saturday of the month, next to the library.

December 14 working bee: all a-buzz!

A sunny early summer day saw more than 20 out in the garden... 
Jo, TonySimone and Smooch, Lindy, Paul, Alex, Dana, Lisa, Chris, Anita, Yael and Essie, Matt, Sam, Pete, Alison, Bridie and JoyceMaureen, Ayumi, John, Sonia, Lois, Tamaya, Tiffany... weeding, planting, moving, trimming, pruning, picking, swapping, clearing, supporting, mulching, composting, talking, laughing, standing, kneeling, squatting, digging, planning, turning, tossing, pulling, wheeling, dragging, pointing, patting, scraping, mounding, spreading & watering....

Below - pictures worth a thousand words...


Alex, Dana

Sam, Alison, Maureen

Paul, Ayumi

Anita, Peter

Yael and Essie

Matt, Jo

 Lindy, Sam, Joyce and Bridie


Tiffany, Simone

 Ayumi, Tony

and Smooch!

Happy New Year & see you all in January 2014!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Skate Park working bee 10am – 12 midday Wednesday December 11

There's an upcoming working bee at the Skate Park on Wednesday December 11 to put down a compacted sawdust path, and to install some weed matting around the baby wattle hedge plants. This will reduce the need for slashing those areas behind the fruit trees. We’ll get underway around 10am. We need about 10 people, but all welcome! Please bring shovels, old tent pegs and wheelbarrows.

This regular visitor (below) has been at us for a few weeks to get onto this, so let's make them happy!

Reminder: the next Albert Street working bee is Saturday December 14...