Sunday, 20 July 2014

Saturday July 12 mid-winter bee

Even though the skies had cleared after a week of closed-in weather, at 3 degrees it was definitely a mid-winter morning in the garden.
For awhile Jo and Ian were wondering if there would be any others...

... until Yael and Akira appeared...

followed by Pete...

... then Danny with visiting UK woofer Megan.

Hello Megan and Danny!
The garden itself was sodden and quite dormant… not much growth, except around the 'food scraps here' slot of the compost pile.
So, apart from yarning, we tidied up the compost, spread around some leaf mulch, fed the bigger worm farm and did some maintenance on, refreshed and moved the smaller one from the western to the eastern fence… and at the end of the morning Danny and Megan left with a heap of worm castings to take home to Blampied where Danny is establishing a small organic farm.

Our morning's exertions were observed by an incessantly active family of silver eyes (who were hard to catch on camera!)

Of special interest this month was Akira's remarkable kangaroo-mum-&-joey back pack…
plus, it was hard not to notice, and speculate on this colourful wind vane that has arrived atop a plant support frame… it shows all the signs of a strong weather-beating, with East spun 180°, South knocked flat, West headed South, but North persisting… a sign of times to come perhaps?

Next working bee: Saturday 9 August