Monday, 10 February 2014

February working bee: a hot summer's day

The prospect of yet another 38°+ day kept the numbers down for our February working bee. The plan was primarily to get the garden mulched and thoroughly watered. Dora came early to avoid the heat, and was joined by Tony, Anita, Luke and Kate, with Edie and Isla, Jeff with Beatrice, and Ian.

Despite what is now an extended heatwave – with the average temperature since mid-January around 34-35° and very low rainfall – the garden is looking in remarkably good shape and in fact quite beautiful… huge thank-you's to all the volunteer waterers. Toward the end of the morning Jo showed up as did Yael with Akira and Essie, bringing some produce to share. Also Rebecca, a grateful user of the garden, who harvested some snow peas, chives, a few cherry tomatoes, broccoli and kale…
Below: the morning and the garden in pictures. (Next working bee: Saturday 8 March)