Saturday, 24 September 2011

How it all began

Patrick wrote a short piece on our beginnings for Trouble magazine and then submitted an excerpt of it as an abstract for a global symposium on guerilla gardening in New York, forthcoming. Today it was accepted and instead of flying over to deliver his paper he'll make a video. Stay tuned, in the meantime here's the bones of that paper/video to be:

(click for bigger).

September double bee

This month's working bee began at Albert St and ended at Rea Lands Park. As we have two gardens now we have decided to extend the monthly working bee sessions to four hours, two hours at both gardens more or less, but come for as much or as little as you wish...

So monthly working bees will continue on as usual starting at 10am on the second Saturday of the month starting at Albert St then heading to Rea Lands park for lunch and some more work until about 2pm. Here's some pics from this month's first double bee.

Jeremy and Tia weed the potato patch at Albert St.

Lena and Mara exchange notes at Albert St.

Fiona works while the rest lounge at Rea Lands.