Sunday, 11 September 2016

In praise of the budding, flowering earth and the community who comes together

About 35 people attended our September working bee. The slightly warmer weather put the town in the mood for some sweet ol' communal gardening.

Planting seedlings and weeding is always light work with many glimmering, giving peeps.

Some pretty cool specimen gardeners turned out too. Nice getup Cam!

Hello Eric and Angela, we see you there.

Meg, Alison and Zero sent the tenacious, earth-giving weeds straight to the compost bays.

Ian attended to a diseased Fuji apple tree on the street.

Taking off all the dying wood and inserting bud grafts into the spring sap.

Eric turned the compost, while Ele repatriated the worm farm.

Marcus and Lindy weeded out one of the middle beds.

While veteran plantsmen Mike and Ian met and chatted.

Young Zeph put in a goodly 2 hours with his mate Otto (out of picture), stacking up all our old timbers, ready for use when we build the toolshed.

Working and conversing is what makes community gardening so enriching. Phone numbers, ferment recipes, planting methods are swapped, clothes, plants, food are handed around...

Angela and Lindy weeded the broadband patch.

Friends of Sarah's from Melbourne plant seedlings in the front patch.

What a great session! Thanks to all who came and collaborated. Thanks to Patrick who took the pics and facilitated the bee.

See you all next month.