Monday, 12 October 2015

Splendid October Albert Street session

A perfect morning for work in an exploding garden… ongoing thinning / weeding / planting, and distributing the mature and worm-rich mulch from the composting bays...

October gardeners and visitors: Cameron, Tim, Tracy, Ian, Jason with Sage, Wren and Nia, Lindy with Ginger, Violet and Alice, Alexis, Tia and Jeremy with Jasper and Arden, Mara, Christine, Jeff with Zuri, Phoenix, Atlas and Hartly, Maureen, Stephen, Dora, Patrick and Meg with Woody, Shelley with James and Skylar, Alison…

Random pics of morning's activities...

Compost bays at the start of the day
In the jungle: Cam, Tim, Tracy, Lindy
Building up a sweat as the day heats up
Mara, Maureen, Tracy
Jeff, Atlas, Dora
Sage and Jason
Dora, Tracy, Maureen, Stephen
Gardener Tim
Patrick, Lindy
Alice, Ginger, Violet
Jeremy (foreground), Cam, Patrick, Alexis

Cam, Alexis
Compost bays at the end of the day
Calendula collection gang: Dora, Maureen, Tia, Tracey
A bag of sunshine.