Tuesday, 12 August 2014

August bee: winter work

A small of group us of spent an industrious morning getting stuck into some basic maintenance in the garden, which had a somewhat neglected and soggy weather-worn aspect… Collectively we mowed, weeded, clipped, tidied, distributed mature compost, and generally prepared for a big spring season starting with the September bee on Saturday 13th.

A bit of chat: Tony, Lena, Alison
A couple of tosses

Active were Tony, Alison, Lena, Ian, Tom with Hannah, and Renee. Plenty of chatting as usual, added to by Jo, Pete, Kath, Liz, Bria, Vivienne, Ant and Fe with Luna, who all dropped in at various times during the morning.

Alison nourished us with this great snack
Hannah was excited

Tom and Tony

Renee, Hannah and Lena

Weeded lettuce and coriander

Tidied compost
Vivienne, Fe, Lena, Ant & Luna


2 • 8 • 2014

Dear Agnes, a regular and eager, wagging, licking, nudging, sniffing, burying, digging and loving supporter of gardens and gardeners alike, left us during the first week of August. She was named after local gardner Agnes Saffron (nee Kirby). Many plants in people's gardens originated from Agnes Kirby's soil, and hence may have found their way into the community garden via cuttings and seeds. Their spirit will be enjoyed for years to come.
Heartfelt condolences to Tom, Hannah, Bria and all those who loved to share her company.
May both Agnes's remind us of the connections between culture and nature that help us to find home.