Saturday, 12 May 2018

May Bee, Baby...

What does community resilience look like on a wet autumn day?

It looks like Mara's enthusiasm for being a participant in life.

It looks like Patrick's drive to make organic food accessible for everyone.

It looks like Woody's wanting to create the world he wants to live in now and when he's older.

It looks like Meg celebrating all that is free in the world.

It looks like Cam encouraging his sons Otto and Rennie to be gift makers in the community that supports them, and Joseph (left) distributing broad beans for future meals.

It looks like a healthy being like Zero, (who has never eaten food from a packet or can).

It looks like Ian, in his 70s, who has come along to share his elder wisdom with us all.

It looks like non-monetised gifts shared from Mara's home garden.

It looks like a place of learning, participation, sharing and belonging.

It looks like a place of quiet contemplation, where everyone is welcomed and accepted.

It looks like a place where skills are shared.

It looks like Kirsten's home grown seeds + seedlings that were loved into being and will continue to spread love in the world.

It looks like an artwork where creativity is expressed and hopes for the future will sprout.