Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Convivial June bee

The winter weather favoured us with a warm day for the June bee… and gardeners and visitors included: Lena, Patrick with Woody, Tony, Ian, Anne Tamblyn and Keira Lockyer from U3A (who are gathering material on DCFG for a chapter in an upcoming community publication), Tia and Jeremy with Jasper and Arden, first-timer Leila, Sarah with tiny Ruby, Mara, Christian, Diana, Meg and Alison.

In the main it was a day of maintenance, some bed preparation and planting, lots of weeding, thinning, removing exhausted plants such as tomatoes (after gathering the green ones), mowing, collecting stakes, compost turning, mixing and adding. While there is always lots of social warming, today's bee seemed exceptionally companionable, with conversations, smiles and laughter aplenty. The morning's pics. . .

Patrick, Lena, Tony
Patrick, Lena

Lena, Arden, Patrick, Woody, Anne, Kiera
Arden (far left), Anne, Kiera, Woody, Jasper... and others in the background
Tia, Leila... (welcome to Daylesford!)
Keira (back), Tony, Jeremy (mandolin discussion)

Anne, Patrick

Ruby, Sarah, Lena, Anne, Patrick

Arden, Woody, Jasper

Ruby, Sarah, Tia, Leila
Mara, Tia, Lena, Leila, Anne, Kiera, Tony

Woody inspects the firm green tomatoes
Patrick, Mara, Tony & Tia bending, Christian

Tony, Christian, Leila

Sarah, Woody (in shadow), Ruby, Arden, Mara... in the distance Diana, Jeremy, Alison


Jeremy, Patrick (mixing compost and soccer)

Patrick, Jasper, Jeremy

Diana, Jasper, Jeremy, Meg, Alison, Mara, Tony

Meg, Alison (happy days!)

Best foot forward... boot of the day (Tony)

Next bee: Saturday 11 July