Sunday, 12 March 2017

Chillout working bee

Fe, Luna and Fab stop by to say g'day.
Jono, Tim, Peri and Tom chop up the green waste for the compost lasagne.
Mara and Peri work with Ian Clarke on the street apples.
Tracy and Tim screen the aged compost to put on the beds.
Meg ('apparently a male stereotype is looking mean') and Woody.
Ian explains something to Greg, ahem Meg.
Patrick explains the art of compost laying to Tom (left) and Jono (right). Zero watches on, heard it all before.
Dallas tells us her family's history with apples.
Woody harvests onions and potatoes.
Said onions and potatoes.
Jono and Tom overhaul the compost bays.
Meg screens the compost.
Ian Clarke paints the woolly aphids with metho and carries out a light summer prune.