Sunday, 13 March 2016

Three quiet summer working bees

As we better understand the nature of gardening and producing food it becomes clear that not every summer is as abundant as them all. A very dry year has lowered our enthusiasm a little, but that's OK, nothing in life maintains a steady equilibrium. We embrace change and low ebb times too. 

Here's a selection of pictures taken at the December, January and February working bees.

Group conference with Mr O scratching his head.


Czech friends with Mara

Alexis and DCFG friend weed hunting

Dora and Lindy saving seeds

DCFG friend and Jacinta 

Lena and Stewart

Friend, Ginger and Lindy

Ruby and Ivan keeping it playful

Sarah seed collecting

Thanks for coming everyone. Looking forward to the March 'Chill Out' bee.

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