Sunday, 26 July 2015

A couple of items of interest

Connecting Country Workshops
Lena Mazza has drawn our attention to a series of spring rural workshops being run by Connecting Country from Castlemaine.

Sunday 2 August: Living with fire & wildlife
Sunday 30 August: Biodiversity in the paddock
Sunday 13 September: Conservation fencing
Sunday 25 October: Back from the brink –land regeneration

Full details are available at this link or you can call Krista Patterson-Majoor on 5472 1594 (Mondays & Thursdays)

Hosting backyard beehives
Craig Terrell is a bee enthusiast living in Yandoit. He is expanding his enthusiasm into a small business based on setting up a network of managed bee hives throughout the district. For a donation of $250, you can host one of Craig's hives in your yard or on your property. Craig and his co-apiarists will be fully responsible for managing the hive/s and, in exchange you will receive 5 litres of pure honey per year.
Autumn is the optimum time to get new hives located (best time for the bees!). Craig can be contacted on 0449 982 632. Note: Craig is also happy to have visitors out to Yandoit… interested people can call him to arrange a visit.

(Thanks Lena!)

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