Sunday, 5 October 2014

New Community Garden arch at the Skate Park!

A fabulous Community Garden arch, designed and made by David Dawson of Overwrought, is now gracing the skate park garden. 
It was installed last week.

Loading at Overwrought
Unloading at the Skate Park

Feet on the ground!

A big thank you to everyone whose hands and feet and hearts have worked together to establish this beautiful community resource; and to all the home learning families who have made the time to maintain the plants and water the trees over the last 12 months. 

The garden is growing well and we're now in the planning stage for making it into a low maintenance, drought resistant, perennial garden, complementing the Albert Street, Rae Lands and Neighbourhood Centre gardens.

Thank you also to the Hepburn Shire Council for all their fabulous support, and to the Daylesford Community Food Gardeners and Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre also for their inspiration and assistance.

With spring upon us, don't forget Picnic in the Park: 12 to 3pm on the last Sunday of each month! I will update you shortly on the lovely surprises in store. – George Williams

Right at home!

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