Wednesday, 25 December 2013

December 14 working bee: all a-buzz!

A sunny early summer day saw more than 20 out in the garden... 
Jo, TonySimone and Smooch, Lindy, Paul, Alex, Dana, Lisa, Chris, Anita, Yael and Essie, Matt, Sam, Pete, Alison, Bridie and JoyceMaureen, Ayumi, John, Sonia, Lois, Tamaya, Tiffany... weeding, planting, moving, trimming, pruning, picking, swapping, clearing, supporting, mulching, composting, talking, laughing, standing, kneeling, squatting, digging, planning, turning, tossing, pulling, wheeling, dragging, pointing, patting, scraping, mounding, spreading & watering....

Below - pictures worth a thousand words...


Alex, Dana

Sam, Alison, Maureen

Paul, Ayumi

Anita, Peter

Yael and Essie

Matt, Jo

 Lindy, Sam, Joyce and Bridie


Tiffany, Simone

 Ayumi, Tony

and Smooch!

Happy New Year & see you all in January 2014!


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