Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Water Roster Call Out

Hello all...

This is an initial call out for water roster volunteers for the Albert Street garden, next to the library, for the coming hotter months. I'm planning to put together a roster for Dec + Jan over the next couple of weeks so could willing people please let me know their availability.

Each person, or family group, will be asked to take on a weekly slot. Each week the garden will need watering perhaps twice... maybe less if it rains... maybe 3 times if it's scorching! Each watering usually takes 20-30 minutes. Another person will be rostered on for the same week to make sure the garden is adequately looked after. All you need for watering is on-site.

Also, anyone is welcome to be a casual participant... if you drop by and it looks parched, feel free to sprinkle!

(nb: on hot days watering is best done early morning, or late afternoon/evening.) 

All our recent plantings of tomatoes, coriander, basil and spinach, to name some, will be grateful for your involvement!

Can interested people please contact me
Pete O'Mara 5348 1154 Many thanks!

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