Sunday, 9 December 2012

December Bee

A scorching (35 degrees) day saw numbers down this month, with only 30 hardy peeps braving the heat. Tricia had dropped off some lovely sunflower seedlings so we popped them in new beds with a skirt of summer variety spinach seeds that she had also dropped off – thanks Tricia! We kept the work load to a minimum and took things pretty easy, erecting a new chalkboard sign,

finding a little creature who loves our lack of chemicals,

catching up with friends,

making new ones,

harvesting some produce,

cooling down,

keeping to the shade,

making compost and


Florian's seedlings were mostly too delicate to plant on Saturday in the heatwave so we had another planting bee today, which was infinitely cooler. Two boys, Zephyr and Jacob, planted several punnets at both Albert St and Rea Lands Park gardens. Tony ran over the grass paths with his mower – thanks Tony! 

Later Patrick met with Koos (local sustainability all-rounder) at the site of the fifth community food garden (more info soon) to try to work out the water problems there. Thanks Koos, it looks like quite an easy job to fix.

Thanks everyone for bearing the heat yesterday and for all the generosity given over the weekend. If you're interested in joining the water roster please email Pete.

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