Saturday, 28 May 2011

At Friday night's meeting

At Friday night's meeting, in which over twenty people participated, we resolved to meet on every second Saturday of the month, from 10am - 12 noon, to continue to garden together on a more regular basis. In the summer months this would coincide with the Harvest Swapmeet.

Albert St garden (next to the library)

We also resolved to continue working on a plan for a permanent food system at Rea Lands Park, in the form of a low maintenance food forest, while continuing to grow raised-bed vegetables beside the library. Jill Berry has been reinstated as our contact in council, which is a positive step from the CEO, and bodes well for better relations between us.

Patrick spoke of the food forest model, as a longer term community resource, growing fruit and nut trees which will be mulched with underplantings of perennial vegetables, herbs and berries, a larger version of what Patrick, Meg and Zephyr created in Sydney last year:

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