Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year catch-up news #1: Skate Park path & plantings

It took a couple of sessions to put down the compacted sawdust path at the Skate Park...

George & Jobbo at work
Jobbo, Scotty & Geoffrey
... but it was completed just before Xmas and looks magnificent - big thanks to everybody who helped!

The path has now been augmented with some further plantings... perennials and most of the orchard are in, and some citrus trees will be added soon. This year will be about getting more people involved and holding some fun workshops. This garden is open to everyone, individuals and community groups alike to make their own!

Note: If anyone is able to whipper-snip directly behind the garden (on the south & west sides) during January/February, that would help ward off any roundup spraying by the council, while we're still working on getting those border areas matted and mulched.

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  1. Great work George, Jobbo, Geoffrey, Scotty and everyone else. Looking fantastic.