Thursday, 13 June 2013

Our work recognised further afield...

Melbourne's wonderful resource organisation, Cultivating Community, has written a comprehensive report on our growing community food network. This is how they begin:
Anyone who has been involved with community gardens or urban public growing spaces will know the patience and compromise necessary to get a new project started. Without wishing to widen the city-country divide we’ve always suspected that things are “different out there”. We decided to head out to rural Victoria to investigate some unusually forward community garden and food projects. 
First off we headed to Daylesford where we had heard murmurs that a group of rural Victorians – frustrated at sluggish responses to environmental and health crises – had been taking matters into their own hands to rapidly expand their network of communal growing spaces. As soon as we stepped off the bus we were greeted by Meg Ulman and Patrick Jones, who have been instrumental in establishing the thriving and diverse network of Daylesford Community Food Gardeners (DCFGs). As well as being lovely hosts, they were kind enough to answer some questions and fill us in on the history of the project.

Read on here.

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