Monday, 12 March 2012

March Working Bee

Thank you to all 50 people who turned up on Saturday for our monthly working bee and the Harvest Swapmeet. With so many enthusiastic people it's no wonder we got so much done.

We extended the chalk wall to include a space to list all the jobs that still need doing.

We continued pruning the apple trees alongside the library.

Then we mulched all the branches and covered them in lime to get rid of the apple scab.

We dug up a hefty crop of potatoes.

We dug in some donated mushroom compost. (Thanks Dougmore!)

We planted some seedlings.

We discussed the medicinal herb garden we are going to plant at Rea Lands Park. (If you'd like to be included in these discussions and plantings, please email us.)

We swapped goodies from our home gardens at the monthly Harvest Swapmeet.

And we marvelled at how lucky we are to live in a community with such abundance.

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