Monday, 16 June 2014

June bee: a whirl of gardeners

Making-up for last month's wash-out, people got busy for the year's first real winter working bee, and fortunately the weather was good.
It was high energy input from gardeners of all ages including Yael with Essie & Akira, Jo, Tony, Lena, Renee, Dora, Ian, Brett (visiting on a break from Medecins sans Frontieres and considering his next move), Jeremy & Tia with Jasper & Arden, Antony & Fiona with Luna, Luke & Kate with Edie & Isla. Vegies were dug, died back plants came out, beds were cleaned up, weeded and mulched, edges cleared, the seed bed was thinned with selected seedlings migrating to other beds. A background narrative of the morning was addressing the piles of compost that had built up over the last two months... Tony and Jeremy were on it consistently with help from Lena, Fiona, Antony, Jo, Brett, Luke and others. A whirl of activity swept through the garden... pictures give a glimpse of our industrious morning.

Artichokes galore were dug: Akira, Essie (with dirt on her hands) & Lena 
Lots of chatting:  Kate, Tia, Fiona, Luna & Arden / Brett & Maureen
Tia &Yael / Lena & Luke
Dora brought organic Pink Lady apples from home 
Pink Lady appreciation society considers these apples seriously good... almost lost for words!
Ant, Brett, Jo, Alison 

Renee, Yael, Ant

Jo (at a serious moment) Alison & Brett (artichoking)

Luna, Arden, Tia & Fiona thinning seedlings

Transplanted lettuces

Dora, Alison

Compost awaiting attention

Tony, our man on the ground

Joined by Jeremy

Lena adds to raw materials
Luke & Jo bringing straw

The straw was powdery so masks were needed

Brett & Jo get down & tidy up!

This month's new life form, & worm of the day... (hand models Brett & Jasper)
and as the world turns around her...  Isla sleeps 

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  1. Pangs of homesickness reading this post. Beautiful! Wonderful photographs.