Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New raised beds at the health service

Last week two garden beds have been built in the front garden of the Daylesford Campus of Hepburn Health Service (Corner of Jamieson and Hospital Street Daylesford). The Thursday gardening group run by the Shire will be maintaining the garden every Thursday along with staff and clients of the Hepburn Health Service, all the materials were donated by Daylesford Gardening Supplies and Home Hardware, labour to build the bed was volunteered by a local builder called PJ, Sam Tucker (DFCG) also volunteered his time to design and locate the beds. Hepburn Health Service staff will be using the space to grow different varieties of food that can be then given to welfare clients, welfare/social workers are able to use the space to take clients to talk and garden at the same time, this is then a pathway to encourage people to engage in the community garden next to the library, encouraging isolated people towards social interaction and physical exercise - a positive way to access free food. There is one accessible bed for people with mobility issues and one ground level bed. The Hepburn Health Service would like to kindly thank all of the people involved.


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